We all have photos in boxes, frames, or phones that may or may not see the light of day. Here is a place where all of these memories can come to life and be preserved forever.

Our family history could be lost if we do not take steps to preserve it. The purpose of this site is to build a shared family photo album, document family history, and maintain a family address book, so that we can always remain connected and our stories will not be forgotten.

A few years before the passing of Oralia Villanueva, her daughter Alice Garcia wanted to create a book about the Lopez family. The project began over a decade earlier when she became interested in genealogy and attempted to reconstruct her family tree as far back as possible. Writing a book can be challenging and the challenges delayed its completion.

Alice’s son, Aaron Garcia, wanted to help his mother with this genealogical project. Aaron suggested that a website would enable her to publish little by little so that the project continues. Also this enables other relatives to contribute to the project.

We hope that you enjoy this website and if possible contribute with photos, stories, or monetarily to keep the website going. At the time of writing this, in 2019, the domain thelopezfamilies.com is paid up for the next 2 years. The web hosting is covered and maintained by Aaron. The bulk of the historical curation and research is done by Alice. The technical work (designing, updating, administrating) by Aaron.

Together we hope to create something special that will bring us closer together and remind us of all those who came before that enabled us to enjoy the lives we now have. Each of us has a place in this history, we are creating our portion everyday. We hope that by learning about our family’s past it will inspire us to continue building a bright future.

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